Def Jam Forward is a task force committed to fostering a community that values, promotes and demands respect, freedom, equal opportunity and justice for Black lives and all marginalized communities.

Our goal is social, economic and educational equality for every person in our community, starting with our own artists, staff and colleagues. Our commitment to equality means, we will examine and amend our internal practices, as well as support organizations on the frontlines of the fight for change.

As a company, we are uniquely positioned to be a thought leader within the music industry and the world at large. As members of this task force, and ambassadors of its message, it is imperative that we embody and implement a roadmap to lasting and meaningful change.

Politics & Social Justice

Marginalized communities have been systemically oppressed. We want to empower our communities by emphasizing the importance of community organizing and educating oneself to understand the policies that are affecting our communities socially.
Our democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities when we lift our voices and exercise our right to vote. Your vote is precious, and your participation at all levels is paramount.


We support organizations that engage our communities to effect change on the ground. We currently actively work with multiple communities on all levels (family, home, work, government, and humanity at large) to providing resources that enhance and improve the way of life in these various communities.

Mental Health, Personal Growth and Wellness

For too long the emotional wellbeing of marginalized communities has been neglected. Stress, depression, financial instability and anxiety call all lead to serious health issues. We are here to provide resources that lead to a state of wellbeing in which can realize our abilities, work productively and contribute to our community.